Vävda lappar och etiketter

Both woven and embroidered patches are great ways to decorate, enhance, highlight or embellish the look of your apparel, toys, shoes, accessories and much more products. Woven Patches are ideal for designs that cannot be accurately embroidered when minute detail and small lettering is essential.
With different accessories, you can get woven key chains, dog tags, promotional items and zipper pulls by inserting foam inside to give dimension or a 3D effect.
What is the main difference between an embroidered and woven patch?
● Woven one is threads woven together on a loom. Embroidered one is threads embroidered onto a substrate, typically cotton twill with an embroidery machine.
● Woven one is generally less expensive than embroidered one, and is faster to produce.
● More accurate and precise detail
● Ability to have clean and smaller lettering
● Close to photographic realism
● No worrying about embroidery percentages—All woven patches have 100% coverage
● Thinner thread- say goodbye to the look of chain stitching
● Overall size of patch can be as small as a half inch

● Label width: 10-190mm in any length.
● Material: 100% polyester.
● Border Options: Merrow, heat cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut.
● Fold Options: End fold, center fold, miter fold, Manhattan fold...
● Backing: Plain, double adhesive tape, hard PVC, iron on, self-adhesive sticker with wax paper, hook & loop closure, black / white paper coating, etc.
● Special ways: 3D cubic stuffing, laser hollow-out, loop, eyelet, starching
● Delivery: 5-7 days for samples, about 7-14 days for production.
● Packing: 50 pcs/ poly bag, or according to the customers' requirements