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Challenge coins have been used as a way to honor, encourage, and reward individuals for their personal and professional accomplishments. The use of challenge coin is quite popular among military units. However, their use has extended into the corporate world as well as in athletics, law enforcements, clubs and hobby groups. Our coins are available in nearly any shape or color combination, and can include details such as event names and dates, mottos or meaningful symbols. For true design flexibility, you can even choose single or two sided coins with color on one or both sides. Challenge coins are fully customized to match your exact specifications. If you have an idea that you want to try out, share it with Jian pins representative when you call to inquire about our services, we work with you to make sure that your design is everything you want it to be!

● Available Material: Bronze, Copper, Iron, Zinc alloy, Spin Cast Pewter, Aluminum, etc.
● Size: common size is 38mm/ 45mm/ 51mm,customized size welcomed.
● Plating Color: Gold, Silver, Bronze ,Nickel, Copper, Rhodium, Chrome, Black nickel, Dyeing black, Antique gold, Antique silver, Antique copper, Satin gold, Satin silver, dye colors, dual plating color, etc.
● Process: Hard enamel (cloisonné), Imitation hard enamel (soft cloisonné), soft enamel, stamped or molded without coloring

● Förpackning: PVC-påse, akrylmyntkapsel, sammet deluxe-låda, myntställ, Lucite-inbäddad, anpassad presentförpackning eller enligt kundens krav.


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Standard coin border is flat and smooth, with some extra patterns added around border they could make your custom coins more professional in looking and more exquisite, we have more than 10 patterns for choices, here are some popular ones for reference, you can email our sales team to get more detail.



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