Silikonunderlägg och lock

To protect your table/counter/desk from condensation and heat while enjoy the drinking, it's important to prepare some sets of coasters that are heat-insulated and cold tolerant. They can be made of various types of fabric, metal/cork/cardboard/soft PVC/Silicone.
The silicone coaster is one of the popular one, soft and flexible, made of food grade silicone which is safe to both body and environment, creates a firm/ secure/ non-slip base for plates/ cups/ bowls and cutlery. And drink lid is anti-dust to keep your drink or food hygienic and healthy. Both are great to use at parties, weddings, home, office or outdoor activities.

● Food grade silicone material
● Free mould charge for existing 3 designs
● Custom logos can be printed on both sides or just backside of existing moulds
● Customized Sizes, shapes and logo designs are warmly welcome